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ENLIGHTEN Body Mind Spirit offers two fantastic courses to meet your emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Glimpse Night is an introductory presentation to the course, it takes place every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm and gives a free look into our program.
Course 1: Find the Peace Within 
The 12-Week course "Find the Peace Within" is presented twice a year beginning in February and August. 

FIND THE PEACE WITHIN is an empowering course designed to help you find Physical, Emotional and Spiritual harmony. This course will expand your understanding to a new realm improving your quality of life with a positive ripple effect strengthening your relationship with others.

Through this course you will learn many techniques like Cellular Memory Liberation, Neurolinguistics programming, meditation, healing breathing techniques, meridian and energy center healing, etc. These techniques will help you recognize and eliminate erroneous programming in a practical, applicable and sustainable way!

You will be able to declutter cultural and generational emotional baggage, helping you heal from depression, guilt, phobias, deep seeded fears, trauma, addictions, etc. These are ailments effecting our spirits and running our lives, manipulating the mind and disturbing our happiness. You will learn to see yourself and the world around you in a whole new light. You will identify and be in tune with your gifts and talents, helping you recognize and achieve your full potential!


The course is divided in three parts designed to understand the different programming systems of the physical and spiritual body and then the integration of both.


Subjects covered in this course:


  • True self: understanding who you really are

  • Awareness of spiritual disconnection

  • Vision boards

  • Spiritual awakening

  • Discerning the duality within

  • Inner child work

  • Breaking through generational patterns of behavior

  • Healing energy centers

  • Meridian balance

  • Love and forgiveness

  • Undoing fear

  • Understanding different personalities

  • Effective communication skills


WHEN: Wednesday nights from 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

WHERE: 216 W 130 S, Lindon, UT, 84042

COST $660

* Refer a friend who signs up and receive $50 towards a course.
* Receive a 10% discount if you pay before the course start date.
* 3-part payment plan available.
* Seats are limited 
Course 2: Spiritual Connection
The 8 weeks course "Spiritual Connection" the study of the universal laws for success.

Details coming soon. 

Upcoming Courses
Wed, Feb 05
216 W 130 S, Lindon, UT, 84042
Find the Peace Within (12 Week Course)
Join me for a comprehensive, 12-week course designed to help you discover the peace within.

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