Find the Peace Within

What you'll get:

An empowering course designed to help you find physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony. This course will expand your understanding to a new realm improving your quality of life with a positive ripple effect strengthening your relationship with yourself and with others.

You will be able to declutter cultural and generational emotional baggage, helping you heal from depression, guilt, phobias, deep-seeded fears, trauma, addictions, etc. These are ailments affecting our spirits and running our lives, manipulating the mind and disturbing our happiness. You will learn to see yourself and the world around you in a whole new light. You will identify and be in tune with your gifts and talents, helping you recognize and achieve your full potential!

  • 6 Virtual Group Sessions

    • We will meet weekly via Zoom and discuss various techniques and processes

  • 6 Session Reviews

    • ​After each session, you will receive a review of what we explored and a customized emotional release exercise so you can continue your transformation at home

    • Keep this resource forever as you deepen your practice

    • Simple worksheets to help you apply tools

  • Weekly Facebook Support

    • Private Facebook group to support, answer questions, check-in with progress and maintain accountability

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