Embrace Your Gifts!

Finding and embracing your gifts will be your greatest connection to heaven.

We think of recognizing our gifts and acknowledging them, let alone embracing them is a form of bragging. I thought the same thing, until many years ago I was approached with the question, ‘what are your gifts and talents?’

I remember I was unable to see that part of me. It was like something inside of me saying it was wrong or prideful to acknowledge it.

Interesting enough, as a teacher in many different settings, with the youth, children and adults, I have asked the same question so many times and surprisingly enough I see blank looks, and comments like, “Oh, don’t ask me that! Or I have no idea”, to “I feel bad talking about it, it seems like I’m bragging!”

Often when we think of a gift we immediately associate it with the ability to sing, dance or play an instrument.

A gift could also be something that makes you unique like being kind, being a negotiator, persuasive, faithful, loving others, sharing, serving, a good listener, being consistent, being grateful, etc.

Finding your gifts and embracing them will help you tap into to the divine in you and find your purpose in life.

  1. Ask your family members or your friends to write 3 attributes that stand out about you.

  2. What are you good at? Think of comments that you have heard when you were a child that made you unique, like for example, being accepting of others, being clear in expressing your thoughts or being obedient. What comes to your mind?

  3. What is your greatest fear from embracing your gifts? Pay attention to that inner negative voice that have been playing in your mind. Look at fear right in the face. You will probably realize that you have heard voices like “What would others say about me?” Or “You really are not that good at__________. There are others better than you.”

When you start recognizing and confronting these constant voices you will open the door to light and love. This will bless your life and the lives of others.

Let me know your experience and challenges discovering your gifts in the comments below!

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