Normal People Doing Amazing Things

I was listening to Glenn Beck's comments about a beautiful song that the High School

students from American Heritage Philharmonic played, “A Hymn to the Innocent” in honor of the people that died on 9/11.

He mentioned how none of these children were alive when this happened to our country, but here they are bringing beauty to the world. The only America these kids know is the

America with guards at the airports, an America that has been at war their whole lives. When the country was wondering if we were going to survive, these kids were not even born.

Look at what they are creating.

As you wonder about the next generation, here is a normal group of people doing amazing things.

What he was saying reminded me of my childhood in Peru.

The military government took control of the country. Terrorism, inflation and immorality were prevalent.

In a casual conversation among family and friends about politics and the situation of our country now, they started bashing the president for the things he is doing and not doing. As I listened to this conversation, memories flooded my mind with similar conversations I heard all my life growing up.

I couldn’t help it anymore and I said, "I grew up all of my life hearing the horrible things that were happening in my country, president so and so hasn't done anything for the country, he is a corrupt man, all he wants is to steal money from the government, he is an ignorant man, he doesn’t know what he is doing or all the promises he has made are nothing but lies, he is an embarrassment to the country, etc. etc."

After I came to the USA and look back at those days when I was young,

I realize that those comments only destroy and tear people down and more than anyone, ourselves.

Living and hearing this kind of talk becomes normal and we don’t even realize that we live in a gloomy gray bubble everyday where there is no hope, just fear and negativity.

At a very young age I decided to never repeat that pattern of cultural behavior. I decided that I will pray for the leaders of the country. Perhaps all I can do is make a difference in my circle of influence, serving, being positive, doing good to others and always hoping for the best.

In the 33 years I have lived in this country, the Lord has been good to me. I have been blessed every day of my life. I don’t mean to say that it has always been easy. I had to overcome great challenges but I’m better because of them.

Even before I came, when I lived in Peru as difficult and scary as life was, the Lord protected me and blessed me. No matter what we go through, it is how we face our challenges that will qualify us for all the blessings He has for us.

I hope to be like the Jaredites, a group of people during the time of the Tower of Babel. The Lord had confounded their language and their world was in chaos. They had enough faith for something greater and the trust in God to know that this was possible. The Lord had compassion on them, blessed them and promised that He would go before them. He granted them and their family a land, choice above all other lands.

I would like to say as they said, “let us be faithful unto the Lord” that we may be worthy of all His blessings, even in difficult times and as He promised, He will go before us and bless us.

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