Spirit vs Ego

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

My daughter Melodi and her husband are traveling in Spain. David and I will be taking care of their four little kiddlets this week. I took the opportunity one morning to teach them about

the Spirit and the Ego.

I have seen them at times reacting to situations in their interaction with each other, rather

than responding. Since they are very familiar with soccer I explained it this way.

"When you came to this earth you chose to be part of a really cool game."

“What do you mean grandma?”

"Before you came to earth, your spirit was prepared for ions of years. You were loved, you were taught between right and wrong, you knew the laws of heaven. Your spirit had never had a body though, so as part of your existence having a body was part of your progression.

One of the greatest challenges you were going to have was to learn to overcome the tendencies of your physical body."

"What are the tendencies of our physical body grandma?"

"Good question, Joseph!"

"The tendencies of the physical body, or the Ego, are: lying, stealing, bad thoughts, selfishness, hatred, conflict, gossiping, anger, disagreements, troublemaking, contentions, disobedience, disrespect, unbelieving, envying, hitting, rebelling, frustration.

How does all this apply to you guys?"

"Hum, maybe when we get frustrated with each other, or we are unkind, rude and inpatient we are obeying the physical body?"

"That’s right David! You guys are really good, you are getting this.